How can we change the world?

Writes: Tjaša Kosar

Watching mainstream news, it seems like the world has no other option than take it or leave it wherever the direction is heading. For years already it feels like we are stuck with neoliberal capitalism and many say the reason why this system is still here, stronger than ever and oppressive all over the world, is because of a public opinion shaped like there is no alternative. So we go along with it’s rules, not knowing how not to follow it or to resist.

In reality, all we need are few brave people all over the planet, few rebels, few »parental examples« and an uthopian fresh collective bravery could be rised. These rebels already exist all over the globe but they rarely get the stage to shine in all their progressive thinking. Many of them even step out of the society and create their own worlds inside the global one.
Imagine a journey from one example on the planet to another one. Spending time with that person with no rules or hierarchy, exploring hers or his understanding of the world we are in, current challenges we need to confront and their vision for the future. Imagine showing the environment they come from or live today, the region and society that challenged their way of thinking. Hanging out with them like ordinary human beings, having debates while collaborating, hearing their thoughts and messages on the way.

REBELS is planned as a 1 year non-stop road trip with simple but cinematic equipment as a two man band, traveling from A to B, B to C and so on. It will be a guerilla-style, essayistic stream of consciousness including progressive thinkers, artists, activists, environmentalists, CEO’s or communities of contemporary global liberal movement. The authors will try to catch a grounded but poetic journey, connecting the dots on the globe, traveling and living in a simple way and becoming part in these diverse communities.

The project needs its funding for some investments in equipment, insurances, transport and surviving freely for a year to be able to follow the people, the nose and the intuition.