How can we refresh the world?

Following the mainstream news, it seems like the world has no other option than "take it or leave it", wherever the direction is heading. For long years it feels like we are stuck with social and economic power structures with the same faces and content, going along with it like there is no alternative culture. Meeting brave people from all over the world, who are going and living counter, help to spark new ways of thinking. Those rebels already exist in every corner but they rarely get the stage to spread the fresh wind. Here is that stage. For new faces and for new knowledge.


"The world needs to heal, we need to heal"

George F. is a writer of creative non-fiction, who travelled extensively across Europe and Asia working with socially excluded groups ranging from the homeless to heroin addicts and street kids. Direct action and self housing master is one of the most literate fuck the privilege practitioner. Them fuck the life genderless and ownless. Since F. stands for fuck off, we are happy them didn’t fuck off our filming.


"I've actually seen the evolution of women"

When Tuhi was a child, women in India were staying home, taking care of the family. As the only and female child, her father always wished her to be a son, and follow his footsteps, to become a doctor. Disobeying the norms or expectations of strict society and parents while surviving, is even more challenging than in the West. But one of the first female tattoo artist in India, who survived eating disorders and depression, found a way. Welcome to her experience of life.


"It is taking the vulnerability and exposing it to people"

When you get choreography, dramaturgy, costumography, live music and performance in one shot. Both from worlds so unimaginably different, blending them in an explosion that perhaps even annoys you with no limits, contradictions and bizzarness. Because inside the borders doesn’t provoke, doesn’t rise questions and doesn’t push our own reflecting.


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