How can we refresh the world?

Watching mainstream news, it seems like the world has no other option than “take it or leave it” wherever the direction is heading. For years already it feels like we are stuck with social and economic power structures as they are and many say the reason why this system is still here, stronger than ever and oppressive all over the world, is because of a public opinion shaped like there is no alternative. So we go along with it’s rules, not knowing how not to follow it or to resist.

In reality, all we need are few brave people all over the planet, few rebels, few fighters against, no matter what and an utopian fresh collective bravery could be rised. Those rebels already exist all over the globe but they rarely get the stage to shine in all their out of the box thinking. Many of them even step out of the society and create their own.

Imagine a journey from one example on the planet to another. Spending time with that person with no rules or hierarchy, exploring their understanding of the world we are in, current challenges we need to confront and their vision for the future. Imagine showing the environment they come from or live today, the region and society that challenged their way of thinking. Hanging out with them like ordinary human beings, having debates while collaborating, hearing their thoughts and messages on the way.

Episode 01 was shot on the Kometa Festival 2017 in Riga and will be released on March 30 2018 on VIMEO for free.








Let them eat chaos*

Tweni Tweni is Alexis Akrovatakis and is Ben Smith. When you get photography, choreography, dramaturgy, costumography, live music and performance in one shot. Both from worlds so unimaginably different, blending them in an explosion that perhaps even annoys you with no limits, contradictions and bizzarness. Because inside the borders doesn’t provoke, doesn’t rise questions and doesn’t push our own reflecting. They are like they would be characters in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s journey. Provoking, how much your ideologies are including or excluding. What is a performance and what is real? What is a mask and what is pure vulnarability, a medium for humanity’s limitations, either physical, mental or emotional? Where does physical theater transform into dance and where does the circus start, where the performance transcends into meditation, pure presence. A messenger, who nevertheless also cannot escape the planet’s concepts but has the courage to fight against the limiting one’s with every breath and presence. Despite becoming the limitation itself, as a mirror of the world.

*Inspiration for the title of the episode is coming from Kate Tempest album’s title