Is a quote by Cesar Cruz, which perfectly desribes the chills I felt hearing the next spoken poem in person. Take a cathartic listen for yourself and get a vaccination of self-worth.

Written by Tjaša Kosar // #MEGAPHONE #voices(un)heard

I Am by Ayo Wallace aka Golden Bllue, a spoken poem

She is a spoken word artist and community activist of West African and Caribbean heritage, working in her local community to empower youth and marginalised groups through non-formal education and creativity. She has contributed to many youth initiatives in UK including the African Diaspora Emerging Leaders Network as Secretary General- African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe, ADYNE, the Face and Voice of African Youth living in Europe.

“Empowering youth-led responses to global issues is central to ADYNEs objectives. Our priorities are highlighting the issues that concern African Diaspora Youth and advocating for youth across Africa and Europe to be active members of society. The youth are the future and it is integral to facilitate innovative approaches towards social change and tackling the obstacles that create barriers in communities,” are just some words about organisation.

Ayo,  a British young woman with Jamaican and Nigerian roots, works on themes such as identity, culture, social inclusion and human rights through song, poetry and narrative, to express the challenges as well as alternative views on why we keep certain issues like race, gender and colonialism hidden. She has been a poet and singer for over 7 years, regularly co-producing open mic nights in London, where she is based. She performs and facilitates workshops in her unique way merging diverse methods and tools, engaging people to co-create the spaces with her.

She is currently involved in an international project called patHERways which promotes young women’s political participation and leadership.

She has been part of The Ubele Initiative for 3 years, which is observing a disconnect between the generations and wonder how they might attract more young people to grass roots activism and engaging with their communities.  She is as well the Social Change Strategist for a local organisation in UK.

As you can conclude by yourself, this inspirational young woman works her ass of to give support to the community. Just in two months she has changed few parts of Europe for workshops and activistic events. We’ve met her on the cosmic Kometa festival in the beginning of July 2017 where we were volunteering, attending her performance and sharing the time and space in her openned, accepting and loving company afterwards.  While her portrait and workshop cover is on the way, we couldn’t imagine a better start for VOICES (UN)HEARD than her goose bumps shaking expression and voice, worth being heard and listened to.

You can follow her artistic and activistic steps on FB or INSTAGRAM.