Born 1 day before Chernobyl in 1986, Marc grows up in southern Germany small-town-idyll as the latecomer in the family. On the VHS tapes of his older brother he discovers his passion for artificially created emotions. Firstly in the big dreams of Hollywood in the 90s, then in the european arthouse of the 00s. After a three year media design training at the Bavaria Filmstudios, a one year writers scholarship “Werkstatt Bavaria” and four attempts to break into filmschool, Marc started his studies in fictional directing at the University of Television and Film Munich in 2012.

His short film satire GUMMIFAUST played on 30 international festivals, his short film drama BLAUE STUNDE opened on the 49th Hofer Filmtage 2015 and celebrated its world premiere on TAU, Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2016.

In 2016 he co-created the collective PRONOIA, a network between several artists and filmmakers, including Marc’s fellow colleagues Florian Seufert, Moritz Tessendorf, Viki Aleksandrovich, Dominique Klein and himself. Through his training in global education topics and the experience during his NGO work in India, Marc became more and more curious about new forms of storytelling like Instagram and video creation not limited by the category fiction.

In 2017, Tjaša Kosar and him co-created FUCKTHEPRIVILEGE. They are right now shooting their first doc/essay hybrid-feature SHOW ME THE PAIN OF THE WORLD