FUCK THE PRIVILEGE is a multimedia platform, exploring and breaking the rules of documentary and film storytelling, portrait and essay, word and picture in wish to become a community of critical mirrors of contemporary Europe and an inspiration of resistance to it’s political and social systems, enforced all over the world. Formed and being run by Tjaša Kosar and Marc Steck, a Slovenian journalist and German film maker of the same year of generation Y, both coming from Europe but with often contrasted backgrounds.

Tjaša is a freelance television and writing human rights journalist in a pocket-small South-Eastern country, finishing studies of journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She completed internships on Slovenian National TV and Mladina, according to the Guardian recently, the most respected political magazine in Slovenia. She is focusing more and more on advocacy journalism (for NGO’s) and Theater of the Oppressed pedagogy.

Marc is a writer, director and editor in one of the biggest economies in the world, finishing studies of film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich, working in the movies in various positions for over 10 years. He was trained as a media designer at Bavaria Film and received a one-year writers scholarship at Werkstatt Bavaria. In 2017 he co-created the film-collective PRONOIA

These partners in crime met in a Global Education project in Berlin in 2015, which was leading to a collaboration as project partners on an internship in New Delhi’s NGO Etasha Society, where they filmed their first documentary portrait. They are collaborating since, now as a collective called FUCK THE PRIVILEGE. They share the passion to look for mirrors and reflections of contemporary society and share an addiction with arthouse film poetry.

Blending journalistic exploring and film storytelling, breaking the rules of documentary and film, essay and portrait, words and visuals, their raw approach is guerilla-style, without expensive equipment and lighting, which gives them freedom to blend with environment and communities.

Tjaša Kosar  //  Marc Steck

As we are explaining in our manifesto, our own professional »code« as storytellers, we don’t believe we can escape from learned concepts over the night obviously, but at least it is also obvious we should get new ones. By exploring them, being curious about them, we would love to open questions we are also asking ourselves.

Mostly, where are they coming from? So far learned concepts and privileges? Why are they there? How did they come in our perceptions?

Many times in a global perspective but in different ways we are used to, with challenging the common idea about the West, or Europe more in particular, as »top of the top«. Mirroring our own environment and generation was our main curiosity in our work before we met already, separately and in a different way. We joined the forces very organically and grown our own way of artivism and advocacy, in hoping many will join us in exploring when saying, fuck the privilege, let’s find a human(e) life. We do believe diversity has indescribable meaning in this world and to diversity we would like to listen and learn. Each of us has something to contribute somewhere, and we would love to see this virtual space grow in inspirations, collaborations, sharing and caring.

Tjaša and Marc