FUCK THE PRIVILEGE OF IGNORANCE is a multimedia platform, blending journalism and storytelling, documentary and film, essay and portrait, words and visuals. A shelter for regenerative art and social practice.

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Documentary Essay

For decades the elephant in the room, today depression is the most wide spread illness. Far from being able to tell the precise number of people struggling to connect, feel, share, create, participate, contribute or collaborate but mental illness became the biggest cause of disability worldwide. A documentary essay visits 11 countries with high rates for depression, suicide and substance use disorder from global North and South, through 2 years period,  looking for socioeconomic causes and new ways to change it. What is the pain, that we are sharing regardless of age, gender, social class or geography?

Multi Media Advocacy



It is a never ending journey against any kind of dominance.


Tjaša Kosar

Freelance Journalist, NGO Communications, Theatre for social change. Social issues keep her up at night. Injustices break her spirit, but she tirelessly believe in WE.


Marc Steck

Filmmaker, Freelance Editor, Workshop Facilitator. With a crave for the edges and imperfections. Community dreamer and Media Nomad who loves to see people shine.

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